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Simulation Description(XML)

  1. Is there a way to painlessly edit the xml simulation definitions?
    If you are a friend of graphical frontends, try the tool XXE. The only requirement to use it is to make the xsd file pointer in the beginning of the definition also available to the XXE.
  2. How many kinds of sensors are there?
    The best way to know which sensors there are, and their possible configurations (what are the possible return values and so forth), is to check the RoSiMl.xsd file, in the xsd folder, in one of the possible locations of the configuration folders. There are a bunch of comments on how the sensors can be defined there.
  3. What kind of sensors are available?
    • Some possible sensors (not exhaustive):
      • Angle Sensor
      • Directed Camera
      • Feedback Sensor
      • Generic Rotation Sensor
      • Infrared Distance Sensors
      • Slider Position
      • Slider Velocity
  4. Are there any other sensors?
    If your sensing needs are not met in the list above, you might extend it by writing your own.
  5. What are possible reasons for a segmentation fault?
    There is in principle a number of things that can go wrong with the xml file definition that will cause a segmentation fault. These are just some, more known reasons are welcome. One of the best ways to avoid segmentation faults is to use an editor that respects the RoSiMl.xsd description, as the XXE, see question 1.
    • Some causes of segmentation faults
      • Active components do not have name tags
      • Active components have repeated name tags
      • ....
  6. I get the following error message: "Error: RenderTexture requires the following unsupported OpenGL extensions: GLX_NV_float_buffer"
    DirectedCamera sensor requires GLX_NV_float buffer extension which is only available with Nvidia graphics cards and their proprietary drivers. You can check if your system supports this extension by issuing the following command on the cmdline: "glxinfo | grep GLX_NV_float_buffer". Graphic card independent solutions are being tested but not implemented yet.
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