Known Issues


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Operating system support

  • Currently YARS only works under linux due to the graphics implementation. Win and Mac support are planned.

Graphics stuff

  • Camera sensor has been reported to not work with ATI graphics cards under Linux, the error message is as follows:
     "Error: RenderTexture requires the following unsupported OpenGL extensions: GLX_SGIX_pbuffer"
  • Camera sensor does not work with GeForce Quadro 380. Crashes.

Control interface

  • Controller and Object-Controller only work in In-Source builds with the libraries in the folder lib. More general support is planned.
  • The viewport coordinates output (in terminal) is not consistent with the initial viewport mapping (in xml).
  • The sensor mapping in the xml file definition is inconsistent.
  • Mouse navigation is confusing.


  • Find scripts must be adapted to also work with other OS than linux
  • cmake installation routine, to make "make install" work properly
    • Decide where to place binaries, libs, and xsd
    • Enable the parser to look for locally installed xsd, in case the xsd given in the xml file is not valid.
  • cpack must be set up, so that version numbered packages can be provided for download
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