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Here you can add you name and the tasks you would like to work on. This is supposed to help to avoid people working in parallel on the same task without knowing from each other. It is ment to be a kind of market place, to support cooperation and discussion of tasks. It is not meant to be a work plan.


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Multi OS Support

  1. make cmake work on multiple OS
    1. Find Scripts
    2. make install routine
      1. define installation directories, such as /usr/local/yars-<version number>, $HOME/.yars, etc
  2. rewrite the gui, using wxWidgets
    1. check if open gl support of wxWidgets is sufficient
  3. test yars on
    1. SunOS
    2. Linux
    3. WinXP
  4. replace or exchange log4cpp and argtable2 with boost functionality, to decrease the number of libs on which yars depends

XSD Support -- DONE

  1. Make the parser search for globally installed RoSiML if the xsd given in the xml is not found
    1. this should make it easier to create new xml files, and make it less dependent where they are actually located on the hard drive.


  1. write CPack script


  1. Error Handling concept
    1. Exception handling


  1. valgind
  2. kcachegrind


  1. export to Povray
    1. general concept, so that templates for objects can be defined, which are then filled with specific information, like coordinates, color, etc.
    2. make it easier to extend for other exports, not only povray


Camera sensor

  1. Current implementation relies on GLX_NV_float_buffer extension which is only available with Nvidia cards. A graphic card independent solution is preferable. First tests have be performed and look promising, if you are interested in contributing please ask the list or the project admins.
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