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YARS - Yet Another Robot Simulator - Community Wiki



Welcome to the YARS Community Wiki!

Yars is yet another robot simulator. And with many of its cousins, it shares a common core:

  • ODE (Open Dynamics Engine) based physics simulator

But it is more than simply that, and therein lies the difference.

Usually, descriptions of solids and objects (Geoms) in physics simulators of robots is a long, unwieldy process of writing code for every block in the simulation. Because these descriptions may be quite complex, this often leads to inconsistencies and compiling issues. Yars addresses this by having straight forward XML descriptions of objects, sensors, actuators and joints, which heavily simplifies the job. The bodies are hierarchical chains of primitives, a natural way of assembling robot morphologies. Once the robots are built, their bodies are controlled via UDP sockets, compatible with a variety of controllers.

example screenshot ((c)Mario Negrello)
example screenshot ((c)Mario Negrello)


Getting Help

Helping Out

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